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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by EVILPIG View Post
Stacking is stacking. It doesn't matter if outfits are bringing in players because they play together often. If it's to become the norm to bring in whoever you need, then these matches should not be advertised as "X outfit vs Y outfit" any longer, as they are not true representations of such.
Except we didn't stack our team.

I'm a member of TGWW on VS on Mattherson
I'm a member of QRY on NC on Mattherson
I'm a member of TGRW on TR on Mattherson

This game wouldn't be any fun for me if I was stuck playing 1 faction. I'd have quit a LONG time ago. I just prefer to play VS because the majority of my friends when I started the game went to VS. Now I couldn't tell you where the majority of my friends play, because it's everywhere, on all factions, on multiple servers.

I also play 3 other characters on different servers (Connery/Waterson) with names I don't share so I can play without people hunting me specifically because that happens enough as it is right now. Some of you may not even know it's me, in your outfits, playing right along side you and always typing because 'my mic is broken...'. There are times when I just want to play, and not be bothered.

The guys that play with us do the same thing, they play multiple factions, and when they play VS, they play with us. This is our team.

What MERC/TxR saw was maybe 80% of the guys we've got slated for our competitive team, and they're very solid. We haven't yet finalized our competitive roster but it's only going to get better with several more very skilled players who want to compete but don't have a team to compete with. The same 12-16 pilots can't always be available for every single match so we need the right numbers so that every time we're called upon we're read.

I don't care what faction my teammates have their highest BR character on, if they have the skill and want to compete with us, it doesn't matter. We have some low level guys that are awesome that we have to pull aircraft for on the regular while they level up, but they are no less a member than I am with 1000 hours on my VS toon. The guys that play with us are only competing on VS at this time. To my knowledge there isn't anyone on our roster that's on another competitive team playing matches like the Community Clash. If there are, it's news to me.

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