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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Stanis View Post
Can we get a clear indicator - or make it impossible - to deploy mines in an area where they will blow up ?
I must say I get annoyed putting them further and further away from a vehicle bay so they don't go boom.

It's just as annoying having your mine wasted as a vehicle.

On that note - in many cases a player is pulling a vehicle away from a fight. That means they can take the time to CHECK the vehicle pad.
Vehicle blows up once - you take the hint. Sometimes I forget to check but there are a few players that obviously know the auto-drive routes and put them down perfectly.
This seems perfectly fair play to me. The trade off between time to check and actually bothering to do so .. not to mention the likelihood and frequency of spawning vehicles.
If they can be placed, they should be placed, not blow up or deconstruct.

See PS1: force a spread, use red and green indicators on where it is allowed to place them, done.
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