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Originally posted by BrileyPS
Heh, hey yogi...long time no talk. Suprised he made it out alive, considering those tribalwar guys Never told me you were going to be at the SOE booth at E3. Hamma send me a email to let me know the passwords and such so I can jump in again, you should still have it. Otherwise just pm me in this forum..thanks again.


I haven't been up on the PSU TS server since late in beta.

We were able to sneak into the SOE booth with their uber special "Access Granted super secret blacklight" system. If I would have said "I know Briley so let me in" to the big tough looking guy with the dark sunglasses would he have let me in?

We were able to get into the event as "Media" because technically Tribalwar is a "real" news site since we incorporated it about a year ago. That's makes us "in the business" and elligible to get in.

We talked to Terrence Yee I believe for a bit. Turns out he was an old school triber too. We found out we were going to dinner with the same people that night too. Weird how things like that happen.

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