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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Ruffdog View Post
  • Increased Zealot Overdrive armor debuff to 30%
  • Added a fuel cost to the Zealot Overdrive, allowing up to 8 seconds of sustained use
When will they stop nerfing two variables at once? I hardly play VS, when I have i've barely spent time in a max and didn't spend any certs I did have on ZEO because I wanted to wait and see how hard it was going to get hit with the nerf bat but I need to agree with others... not the right amount.

One or the other of these changes but not both at the same time. *edit* but I guess that is why it is on the test server not life huh?

Revive doesn't count on death stats will encourage me to accept that random revive even when I think it might be a bad idea though.

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