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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Sever 13-06-13

A lot of interesting changes, especially looking forward to seeing what you've added to the tutorial, Malorn. Too bad I'm away from the game for about a week

I don't really agree with making the ZOE take even more damage, a duration timer should be enough to balance it out.

About the burster balancing, obviously needed but I would rather have had the burster itself be tweaked than the bonuses it recieves from ZOE and Lockdown. The reason is that I don't really think it will help all that much when it comes to ground vs air balance, it was still dominated by bursters before the MAX abilities were introduced.

Also I don't agree with a revive removing ones death. Pretty sure I know why they made this change, I just don't agree with it being needed. I thought SOE was moving away from K/D being showed as an important stat.

Oh and I almost forgot about the improved mine IFF. Thank you
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