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Re: The balance issue with multi-gunned vehicles

Originally Posted by Arkanakaz View Post
Option 1 (PlanetSide Now):

Armour: 25
Damage Per Second for each gun 25

Armour 50
Damage Per Second for each gun 50
If only it was that simple, but you forget the different attributes of the weapons they carry.
Lets make it simple and bring Mr Reaver into the field.
Mr Tank will try to fight him, but if Mr Reaver has a good pilot, it will be a very one sided match (even with the supposedly aircraft killer magriders).
Mr Deliverer on the other hand can shoot at a very heigh angle, at a heigh rate and attack the Mr Reaver even if it is right above him, giving a good driver a very good chance to take him down.

In comparison even for killing ground troops deliverer can be better than tanks due to it's much more precise weapons.

Don't forget to include that the delis can float on the water, making them a very small target.

I personally killed more reavers in my deliverer than my skyguard, just sayin'.
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