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Re: The balance issue with multi-gunned vehicles

AMSs, free and infinite vehicles, gunner slots, and Galaxies make ground transports largely worthless. To get to the next fight you hitch a ride as a gunner or roll your own vehicle. At the fight you just respawn at the conveniently located AMS someone is bound to bring. And if someone really wants to focus on transporting troops, they'll cert galaxy, which is far superior. Faster, can bypass enemy land fortifications, and put you on the roof, and do it for more people. Delis and Sunderers could never compete with that.

I don't have an issue with there being ground transports, but they should be viable combat vehicles in their own right, and reflected by cert cost, with no penalties for the ability to carry people. If its not a viable combat vehicle, it won't be used, just like the delis rarely are, because people can for the most part take care of their own transport.
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