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Re: The balance issue with multi-gunned vehicles

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
This is the bit that worries me tbh, powergain in a FPS, i can really see this going tits up
Don't let it bother you too much. If it's like EVE, the power ramp isn't that high in a per-unit sense. Beyond that you're looking at either line escalation (MA to HA) or lateral specialization (MA to Sniper). It's been speculated that the raw MA vs MA will be less of a +20% damage and more an aggregate of rof, accuracy, clip, damage and whatnot.

I think I stated it oddly. I imagine the basic MA user will have a player skill gap that could cover them vs another MA user but come up against a user with both MA and HA on his back and the HA one is potentially at a substantial advantage.

Comparing it directly to EVE break down as that's a more extreme beast as you've got not only your ship skill but weapons (with accuracy, rof, damage, energy cost skills), drones (with a ton of skills), speed, acceleration, energy regen, and armor/shield/hull strength skills, not to mention fitting skills that give you more "stats" to use gear with. PS2 will probably have vastly more accessible but an ultimately smaller aggregate pool buff.
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