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That isn't how it works at all. Tanks kick out the most damage and have, by far, the most armor. The Sunderer has less armor then the tank with the least about of armor. Why? Because they are transports. The Deliverer and Sunderer are not tank killers. The Sunderer specifically it an assault vehicle designed to drive to a base, let lots of people out, and lay down covering fire. Or just kill lots of infantry. Deliverer does much the same thing.

You are comparing apples to carrots. The transport vehicles are made for transport.
The problem, though, was that at least half the population had tank driving certs. Why roll your squad in 1 Sunderer with crappy armor and weapons, when you could instead roll in 5 tanks, with 5x awesome armor and weapons?

Transports and tanks were not balanced in their availability well, leading to a pathetic presence of transports. Tanks should cost a lot of resources, while transports should be cheap. IIRC, this was more or less the case with NTU in PS1, but that ran into a problem: NTU were a renewable resource.

See, NTU could never be a seriously limiting factor, because to make it so, you also had to upset the stability of the territory control mechanic, as bases would lose power and become up for grabs.

With PS2, hopefully the varied resources can be not only scarce (unlike NTUs, which, ultimately, were only ever an ANT run away), but individually balanced to achieve a more diversified vehicular presence that encourages more efficient means of transport on a macro-scale (1 Sunderer being slightly more efficient per head than 2 deliverers, which would be vastly more efficient than 10 mossies, which would be somewhat more efficient than 5 tanks, which would be on par with 10 lightnings, which would be a bit more efficient than 10 reavers, etc.). In addition, hopefully resources will have checks at a squad and/or outfit level as well as an empire one, so that a few wasteful individuals don't screw over the war effort for another outfit or their empire as a whole -- which was the other reason NTU dependence wasn't balanced more aggressively.
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