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Re: PlanetSide is getting a new LaunchPad!

Originally Posted by NivexQ View Post
Interesting, I haven't used the planetside launchpad since they released the sony all in one launchpad, but ill have to give the new one a try
The launcher is apperently Launchpad 2, now obsolete and outdated. It still works, but will stop working alltogether at some point.

Anyway, topic: Im confused, really confused. Its actually quite a bit of work to do this.

But why?
List of options: -LP3, the current one, may stop working at some point, means every game not using the new Launcher would not be playable.

-This is to prepare for things to come.

Now, first options is what i would guess, but doesnt mean there is nothing else coming. As far as i could see, there are other games that dont yet have LP4.
Clearly they noted our feedback that we want some more free game time for all vets, just do fill the server once more, and give the game the end it deserves.
Maybe they just prepare for this atm? LP3 has issues, LP4 should fix most of them.

Who knows. It would be damn awesome if they just give the vets a month of free time. A poplock once again, hurrr.

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