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Originally Posted by Effective View Post
It doesn't equate to an I-win button, it's a tool that has nothing wrong with it.
All CUD abilities are I-win buttons, including the OS.

And no, flails don't require any such thing, it takes a minute to get it deployed and setup a waypoint and a few test shots to get it lined up, and once you get going, you can tape the mouse button down and go make a sandwich (something I did once, came back to 20 kills from vpad camping). It's an I win button.
You can also drive a tank up to an enemy vpad and camp it, tape mouse button down.

CUD = I-win button
Tanks = Not an I-win button

Originally Posted by CheeZeX View Post
I think OS's themselves are fine, just the number of OS's available to a faction is the OP part.

I myself have 5 CR5's, 4 of which are NC. So in the event that I really, really, don't like a particular AA max sitting on a ridge, I can just OS him over and over and over.
Apparently that was the "endgame" of PS1, grind more CR5's. It's why I didn't participate in the "endgame" and unsubbed after about 6 months, wasn't interested.

Originally Posted by Huntsab View Post
You are saying an Orbital Strike is an I-win button. Hahahahahahahaha. I get hit by orbital strikes only if I am drunk, have my music up too loud and cannot hear the warning, or I am spawning into an AMS and I get pwned on materialising.

Use your hearing, and surge = counter. Very simple. Perhaps you should attempt to use my advice and see for yourself
Cool story brah but dying to an OS isn't the problem, and I never said it was. I'm talking about all CUD abilities including the EMP blast and reveal enemies.

Originally Posted by ringring View Post
You are correct sir!

Mostly OS's are used as a tactical strike, to take out an ams for instance.
Sure we can all sit around and push buttons, you know like how the PS2 beta video shows testers spawning planes by using beta commands; hit a button spawn a plane. An enemy 100 feet off can see you hitting your spawn plane button, and they can hit their OS button and destroy that plane. Then you can hit your Spawn Plane button again, and the enemy can hit their OS button again. How exciting, I'm sure it sounds exciting to you. It would be all "tactical" and stuff.

Originally Posted by Tactical Pony View Post
ive tea bagged so many fools crouched behind a tree with their cud out and killed them, seems like a counter to me.
wow, that's some deep thoughts, you tea bagged folks. Thank you for sharing this.

Originally Posted by TheDAWinz View Post
You do realize the stormies were under direct orders to let them go right? They could of done just that. Learn 2 cannon.
lol ...

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