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Lightbulb Data Link Feature List & FAQ

This thread is for consolidated feedback on our PlanetSide 2 Data Link!

Basic FAQ:
Q.) How do I create a signature?

A.) First you must claim your PlanetSide 2 Character. Search for your character on the top right search box or click here. Once you find your character click the "Claim Character" button at the top right of the stats page.

Q.) My character isn't found, why?

A.) From time to time there are data issues directly from SOE. Feel free to post if your character isn't found.

Q.) How does this differ from the players site?

A.) The data feeds are from the same location.

Q.) Can I find my Outfit?

A.) YES! Search for your outfit on the top right or click here and view a full sortable roster and leaderboard.
Signature Examples:

We are also on the lookout for new templates! In the future we will allow users to add their own templates, right now however they require an admin to add them. Click here to learn about the requirements.

Outfit Data Link

Last week we released Outfit Pages on our PlanetSide 2 Data Link. This week we have stepped it up a notch adding some customizations to those pages and re-releasing our classic Outfit Database feature!

The full Outfit Data Link feature list includes:
  • Customizable Outfit Page Edit your Logo and Description!
    • Outfit Leaders will be presented with a "Create Social Group" button (as shown here
    • Once claimed the leader will have the option to invite members to their group and edit their description and logo!
    • To edit the description and logo click "Edit Group" at the bottom of your social group page
  • Sortable member list and leaderboard!
  • List of claimed characters on PSU!
  • Total characters, total characters online, percentage online, percentage active in last 7 days and 30 days, average kills and deaths and more!
  • Export your Roster to CSV! Click the export roster link on your outfit page.
  • Outfit Leaderboard! Based on average XP only Outfits viewed on PSU are listed.
  • Embed your Outfit's Roster on any website! Click the "Widgets" tab on your Outfit Page. Example
  • Mark your Outfit as recruiting! Outfit Leaders can update their recruiting status on their Outfit Pages
Leaders who claim their Outfit's will also be auto tweeted out over @psucom_feed on Twitter!


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