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Originally Posted by bpostal View Post
This comment is very apt and succinctly expresses my growing unease with PS2.
It is the free to play model that does this. You cannot reward people with so much EXP or certs that they do not buy boosts/subs or weapons.

The resource model does not work at all and is no incentive for people to take territory. They just don't care about it. What is the only thing people know to do in this game? Destroy stuff as that is what gives you the most reward. If you flip that and make it so territory capture and point control gives you the most EXP/Certs then people will be forced to play the objective. Yes, you must force people to play the objective.

At the end of the day though, this has been talked about since tech test and it is falling deaf ears over at SOE. These same issues have been all over the place (PSU, Reddit, SOE Forums, etc) and SOE has not once tried to fix it. Instead, they implement terrible ideas like the WDS. No one cares about it. Especially since all you gotta do is log onto the winning faction once to get your ACCOUNT wide exp boost.

Originally Posted by Mordelicius View Post
Glad someone posted a WDS thread. I really want to post this but I didn't want to start another complaint thread

The Top Dog Mechanic must be discontinued and replaced with a different mechanic. It punishes winning and rewards losing. If the factions are ever to get balanced, this will sting really hard.
Completely agree. Its basically throwing welfare points at them. Obamacare faction FTW! But seriously though, seeing as how the VS were the underdogs and now they are winning with a huge lead just screams something is wrong.

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