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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by rpgawesome View Post
Ok i just read the upper post and I think im one of the FEW who are going to read it in full and understand it.
Yes this game has a lot of issues that nobody sees until you realise that all of your gaming and playing was futile because when you look at the forums or hear someone complain you will notice it too.
Now what I wanted to say and I KNOW it's hoing to sound dumb but here it is:
Because they help us escape our bad reality/relax or take a break/or we just started playing a long time ago and can't stop playing.
No.Why?Because this is a futuristical shooter that is probably better that most games and it's FREE.

Be happy with what we got.It could be a lot worse but it isn't and remember IT'S STILL A F2P game.
Quick question:
- How exactly is this relevant to the thread?
- Are you saying consumers and users should never provide feedback or critique?
- Are you saying that one should just accept anything you get, because it's free?
- Does being "better" mean it's perfect? Does being "better" mean mistakes or potential refinements shouldn't be suggested or pointed out?
- If the objective of a game is to relax and be provided entertainment, doesn't that mean that if something is frustrating the game actually fails to deliver?

Either way, I absolutely fail to see what you're trying to achieve or what you are trying to convince people of with your message or even who you're trying to address. Worse, I fail to see the logic behind the argument (which seems to be very non-sequitur to the discussion of the topic anyway: "it's free, thus accept the game's implementation of game mechanic X/any game mechanics and combinations thereof"). :/
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