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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
It would seem that the tug of war between the ESports and Traditionalist factions continues apace....
The thing is, PS2 Devs just stubbornly try to force personal/team design protocols that aren't simply fun to fight in.

some examples:
No Deploy Zones - They could have just given a Sunderer an upgrade/sidegrade ability to deploy and jam enemy sunderers from spawning players. That would have been more dynamic and conducive to the fight.

Three-point Caps far away from each other - Are players lining up to fight at J908(?) Crater? The Ascent? The new Crown? Players avoid these bases because it's simply not fun at 3-point bases where you have to WALK a long ways off and not have a good encounter while doing it. Players want to shoot and get shot at while going from point to point.

Compare that to highly popular Tower Bases and Biolabs where the cap points are relatively closer to each other. It's not even close. Watch, they will tamper with the Towers and Biolabs next. I heard they are just about ready to pluck A out of the tower and plant it elsewhere. My best hope here is that they don't put it some ways off (like the Crown).

Do they actually believe it's fun for for players to guard a cap point that's not even contested. it's a foolish thought. If one is to check ALL of the established Tower bases, if you're in one of the cap points, you're always engaged in the fight.

That or sleep at Crown C point, J908 C point. Even on non-tower bases like Howling Pass, the fights are always intense with the points, the gates, the pads and the generators are always contested.

The only close 3-point that isn't really fun is the new Quartz Ridge. And that's only because it doesn't fit the lattice it is on. The old Quartz Ridge was far superior in flowing from Indar Excav or towards Hvar. The base itself is good, but within the context of the lattice and the terrain, it simply makes no sense.

Now, they've just about imbalanced the new Gourney Dam. I mean snipers will simply be dropped on the large rocks and the high walls. If it's Vanu, there would be Lasher/Maxes there shooting energy balls at the spawns from those high points. That's not to mention aircrafts utilizing the trees, terrain and walls to their advantage. As for the tanks on the ground. What's to stop them from shooting from the bridge areas? It's similar to what they did to the Biolab defender spawn. Surround and spawn camp.

The worse part about this is they haven't cited what's exactly justifies this full overhaul. It's a very popular base and is the equivalent of old Crown at Hossin, that promotes a lot of intense and memorable -and often combined arms - battles. Yet, the first thing they can think of is replace it. Really? It's so inexplicable .

The only real thing that is 'off' in this base is the eastern part (sorry not north as I've mentioned before) where parking a sundy is almost prohibitive. There's simply no good parking spots with a large and lengthy natural rock formation. The sunderers always end up being easily destroyed by tanks in plain sight up and down that road. Other than that, there's simply no reason to just tear this great base apart.
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