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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post
Whoah. Time out.

/waves hands

Tech pubs/process analyst guy here. I've worked on plenty of major enterprise software development projects for customers ranging from HP to the state of California ...........
and his Old School Is Best School faction -- and that's what I intuit we're talking about here -- manage to shove their concepts through the double-barreled corporate bullshit filter that comprises ANY software development environment and score the odd recognizable victory, then we should be grateful.

Take all of this however you please.
Great post, but isn't intuit what we have to call eskimos there days

Personally, I think ps2 as it is now is all we'll ever get.

Right at the start Smed talked about sandbox and Eve and how it wasn't going to be Planetbattlefield. Well, if it isn't Planetbattlefield it certainly isn't Planetside.

Oh, we'll get changes alright, we'll get new hats. Sometimes I think the game is more like Ken and Barbie the MMO than Planetside (yea I know, too harsh, I apologise if any devs read this, I know they're trying).
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