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Originally Posted by Rivenshield View Post

Take all of this however you please.
As someone in market communications this isnt even the tip of the iceberg.

Do you know what corporates love? Graphs.
They fucking love graphs.

Showing them a graph that goes straight up is like giving an addict his fix. This is why red dots are so important, because it makes the graph ugly.
You dont exist, the community does not exist, all that exists is the graph and the graph has to be a curve with an upwards trend, everything will be done to make that curve go up and not down. If it goes down it is evil and bad.

People have lost jobs for making the graph go down.

It doesnt matter if the graph is wrong because it has systemic inaccuracies in measurement or that it displays a change thats in the margin of error (honestly its 90% guesswork for evaluation in most marcom strats).

In my corp a designer was fired because his banner design had a 0.14% lower click-through rate (response rate) than the previous banner done by his predecessor.

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