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Re: Top cause of players leaving PS2 (2014)

Well.... speak of the devil... after two years of it being mysteriously okay in this game and a decade in the other, Sony just took my Striker away from me.

This isn't the Striker. It's a DIFFERENT HIGBY WEAPON. It's akin to the old Rocklet gun. I cannot grit my teeth, put that reticle on an elusive target -- Scythes, buggies, etc. -- show some fire discipline when I get hit, and hassle them with my MIRVed mini-missile launcher any more, and score the occasional joyous kill. I cannot group together with my fellow grunts to form a small bipedal missile complex and rain hate from the heights into the valley. I cannot warn off marauding enemy fighters by pointing my (empty?) launcher at them so that they hear that ominous 'tink, tink' tink.'

I mentally review the countless chokepoints I've defended with that weapon and realize that enemy armor can simply sail right through and up to me, and buggies and quads can zig-zag right up to my AMS, and I can do very little about it besides spray lead. It's a completely different map now.

Higby? When you said yes to this you fucked up badly. This isn't 'balancing'. It isn't even a nerf. It's a demoralizing kick in the nuts. It's a game-changer, and not for the better. I'm out for the forseeable future.
No XP for capping empty bases -- end the ghost-zerg! 12-hour cooldown timers on empire swaps -- death to the 4th Empire!

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