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Iam back- Show me some love.

Hello guys and whats up! Iam Mrpriceo0 and iam back. I had a break for like 7months right? Well i can proudly say that iam back. So i made a little funtage, to update you guys and to let you see that iam back. Iam a Planetside 2 player. Outfit; 252ND, IGN: Mrpriceo0, Server: Miller.
May i will upload some gta 5 to.. But the mainly content will be planetside 2.
Somethings that you need to know:
Its a dutch spoken vid (normaly its english but it was just some casual play with killbas1999s, we had just alot of fun). I have got 3 series going on: Multikills with everyweapon, Funtage's, GTa 5.
Hope you all will give me the same support as you did before- I really want to keep making vids ( wich i really enjoy making them, and i hope you do to when you watchin it).

Onther info:
iam on road to 500 subs- that means: If i hit the 500 subs i will be hosting anonther give away- Planetside 2 related stuff or/and a awesome not used headset.

My welcomeback vid:
Hope you will be enjoyed- if you are please like/comment/subcribe- it means alot.

Mrpriceo0 here, over and out!
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