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Believe me, hostility is not our choice, not the Israeli's and not the Palestine's.
It is the choice of the terrorist organisations around Israel and some of the countries that surround us.
There is a saying in Israel: "If Arabs would put down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel would put down her weapons there would be no Israel".
This saying is not far from reality, and we don't really have a choice.

As funny as it may be, that is the reality in most of the hostile Islamic countries, and little kids are brain washed from youth, to hate all those who are not Islamic them selves, and some times even each other.

Originally Posted by Vreki View Post
If you will forgive the expression, both sides are bastards.
But the Israeli are our kind of bastards, and their enemies are mostly our enemies.

And by "our kind" I do not mean race or religion, but a democracy with western values.
Not confusing at all.
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