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Re: My main concern about the class system

Its not so much pressure to fill the role, just that is like a constant reminder that you arn't playing the game 'correctly' because your not getting the best KPM or KDR or whatever (and dieing a lot more than others - but that might just be because I suck -_-).

I enjoyed AV/MA/Engy/Adv Medic/Tanks/Buggys/AA mostly which meant I was bait to the reavers and mossie when outdoors (even when AA lol!) and bait to the HA indoors without offering much to the team because im running a 'subpar' build. (That was a WoW joke, I really ment that my fun is tempered by the not fun of not having a real role in the game).

I don't think healing is going to be so important this time from the sound of it so losing basic med is fine. Will we have armour as infantry? Will engineer types be the only way to repair MAXs?

I don't see the support stuff as meaning as much or meaning MORE since it isn't as common. So for me it comes down to guns. Having the ability with one loadout (PS1 example) to shoot infantry, MAXs, ground vehicles and air vehicles all in one loadout and all at optimum rate is bad design.

Would you care so much if you still had the ability to heal and repair somehow with weapon roles limited?

(Wish I was better at explaining myself)

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