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Originally Posted by Figment View Post
And extreme cuts on everything else. Way to ruin one's economy and future investments. Education? Who needs education!? That only creates Obama-type smart arses, right?!
The Department of Education was never necessary to create world class professionals. Quality of education has only decreased with the federal government's involvement.

Just lol, imagine the income loss of all those people nation wide who suddenly aren't paid by the government to do public jobs. And the income loss of all the people who rely on the spendings of those people in public jobs.
And the income gained by removing faux income taxes.

Not to mention with no department of commerce, you're ruining chances of companies to create new contacts, disrupt chances of entry into foreign markets etc. Energy management? Making sure everyone has access to energy?
All of which can be done without overfunded underperforming government organizations.

What the hell is there to like about Ron Paul's plans?
I wouldnt expect you to understand.
Post at me bro.

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