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Re: Weapon Suggestion: NS-80 Devastator AMR

Originally Posted by Oracen View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would 1HK a Heavy with Nano5, yeah? A whole lot of people would be annoyed at more 1HK weaponry, and even more at 1HK being added in to a new weapon instead of one of the ones that used to have it.
Nope, only one hit kill with head shots, what would be impossible because of the low accuracy.
But it would do a nice damage, like the phoenix do.

I agree with the 4x scope and press B to deploy the weapon, you can´t fire it on the move and have a 1 second arm time, 2 rounds magazine, but 2,5/3,5 seconds reload time, 1 second bolt action time.
One striker shot each round would be nice, maybe 500 direct, 400 explosive 1m radius like is the striker (400 down to 500 explosive to don´t 1 hit kill). It should have the same striker rockets count to kill a vehicle, like 2 on a flash, 14 on a mbt and so on.
And like the striker, a full squad with it will be game breaking. Unless maxes come, or a turrets, on real sniper and go on.

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