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Re: Daybreak Games Hit With Layoffs, Matt Higby resigns

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Kinda off-topic but I have been reading about an upswell of angst over f2p. Parents are getting tired of seeing these micro-transactions on their CC bill for "free" games. It seems there is growing sentiment of some sort of regulation of the industry in regard to f2p but we will see how that goes in the near future.
Why do parents give their kids access to their bank account in the first place?

Would you? No. Why? You know what microtransactions are. These parents that have concerns never played games with those (probably mostly one time purchase games IF ANY AT ALL). I mean, players like us, who have grown up with online gaming, will have a different view from these parents that are indirectly exposed to it.

The answer is not necessarily to change the format through the company, but parents teaching their kids the value of money. And maths (that small purchases add up) and budgeting.

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