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Argh, you guys are thinking of it the wrong way. Let's take what Dio said to help illustrate:

Well as i said i know that if hacking is simply a 1 click thing/any n00b can do it if they have the cert than i'll most likely use my 2 certs (hacking,adv.hacking) for something much more fun like galaxy piloting or something.
Wrong way of looking at it. This is like saying "Well if shooting a rifle is as easy as just pointing your gun and pressing a button then I don't think I want to fire guns". It's not the action that you're going to have fun with, it's the situation. If you're an Infiltrator-Hacker, the actual skill of Hacking is a tiny part of what your role is. While some sort of wussy puzzle might be slightly amusing for a few days, you'll very quickly forget it's even there, and wouldn't mind at all if it were just a little bar filling.

However, if you were looking for in-depth and detailed hacking so that the actual process of hacking something is basically all your guy does, then you're likely asking for something PS isn't meant to provide.
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