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It's not at all the same thing, having the cert for a rifle allows you to use the rifle but doesn't make you good at it, having the cert for hacking does make you good at it.
Once again, you don't take a Hacking cert and then do absolutely positively nothing apart from Hack things. A Hacking cert is as much, and as little, a tool of the Hacker as a rifle is a tool of a grunt. Hacking is one part of the picture. One piece of the puzzle. One peperonni on the pizza. Etc etc etc. You will have fun as a Hacker, because there is more to the job than JUST Hacking.

2 different people with a rifle cert won't have the same skills even if they have the same cert, but 2 different people with the hacking cert will be exactly the same, there is no skill involved at all.
Yeah, but two Hackers who hack via infiltrating a base will be two different people because one will be good at being stealthy and covert, and one won't be. A player with good aim but shitty soldier-instinct will make a bad grunt, just as an Infiltrator-Hacker with the Hacking cert but no skill at being an Infiltrator will make a bad Infiltrator-Hacker. Just because you can use something, doesn't mean you know how to use it.

And getting to the terminal isn't part of the hacking role, it is infiltration and you don't need a cert(or 2) for that. We are talking about the actual hacking cert and use of it.
There's absolutely no sense in focusing on just the Hacking cert, because as I've said, it's just one part of the bigger picture. If you totally exclude all other factors and simply say "Well, the Hacking cert is boring, let's make it a mini-game so that Hacking is interesting", you have absolutely no argument. It's not at all necessary or needed, and most players would find that it gets in the way. People don't pick a weapon cert just to stand in place and hold the fire button down, and people also don't take a Hacking cert to simply walk around opening doors. There is more to being a Hacker than just Hacking, so there is utterly no reason in making the Hacking cert into some sort of a puzzle.
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