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Originally posted by -Shiver-
I think that it will turn out really well unless:
  • There is too much travelling and not enough action (like in Neocron Wastelands)
  • Continents are too sparsely populated (like the Neocron Wastelands)
  • You meet little resistance when taking an outpost (like in the Neocron Wastelands).
  • Combat feels sloppy (like Battlefield can do on a laggy server) and kills aren't satisfying.
I've been playing the new UT a lot recently (I'll hopefully bring back a little old Unreal Ed l337n355 to put a map together) and I'd just like combat in Planetside to feel quite similar to it (hopefully a little slower paced) ... possibly with the odd Counter-Strike-instant-death-shotgun-round-corner scenario.

I will be happy though when it turns out to be more than the standard fragfest, this is an MMO and if you can't build your own microcommunity in game then I won't be happy Socialising will play be a large part in my Planetside so I'm especially looking forward to forming an outfit.

My 2 cents: Planetside is looking better and better all the time, right now it has more potential than any other game on the market and it should turn out just fine

Thats pretty much how I want PS to be I look forward to the vastness of it, and how it will be an everchanging 24/7 battle..

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