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Here's my 2 cents........

I'm really looking forward to the constantly changing "Front Lines" of the battle, and how your Empires area of control won't be the same from Day to Day.

In the last few years I have (for the most part) been a CTF player in the various games I have played. It wasn't until just recently that I started playing other game types like "Infiltration" in SoF2, or "Conquest" in BF1942, and by comparison CTF seems a little stale to me now.

It's been a long time since I got an adrenaline rush playing CTF like the ones I get when your tickets are running low in BF1942, and you need to grab that last spawn point to keep your team in the game. I think Planetside will provide the same type of gaming rush, without ever having to load a new map. You either squash the enemy, and keep the facility, or you get 0wned, and go back to the drawing board.

Another aspect that I am looking forward to is that an Outfit can set up, and execute attacks on their own time frame, without having to coordinate with the other empires, giving them the element of surprise. Having played competitively in Tribes, Tribes 2, and SoF2 it will be refreshing to not have to worry about date and times when the enemy will be available to thwart your attacks. Can you imagine having to go through this:

Terrain Outfit: "Hi, we are challenging you for Production Center X, please pick a date and time you will be available to defend it"

Vanu Outfit: "We can defend on Thursday @ 8 EST, or Friday @ 9 EST"

TO: "Thursday and Friday are no good for us, how about Saturday?"

VO: "Sat is no good for us, How about we push it back until next week?"
Hell just typing that is going to give me nightmares for a week!

There are so many ground breaking aspects of this game that I am looking forward to that it would be hard for me to give you my 2 cents without turning it into a whole nickel.
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