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It just seemed that those were the only sets of people that ignited a flame-fest (usually, as far as I know) when the met. kinda like sodium and water.
I add a bit of zest to what I write, but I don't think I ever technically flame anyone. I rarely attack the person instead of his argument. I'm just misunderstood, y'know?

This went from a I hate vanu thread to a hug Warborn's nuts thread.
Hugging Warborn's nuts ( ) has you vicariously hating the Vanu.

Yeah, Warborn's much to pompus... .
Truer words have never been said.

It will be an honor to fight you Warborn, even if you are TR.
Likewise. Everytime I go up against some NC boys, I'll keep a pack of SandTrout flavoured slugs handy, just for you.

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