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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

TL DR after 3 pages of Merc and the other outfit ( see already forgot the name) of whining "MIMIMIMIMI you brought better pilots" i had enough.
wow , you guys really think that mlg gives a damn about factions? You really think that? Not at all. You think that faction should stop of teams forming up? You really think that?
Not at all. I play with the whales and other air player all over mattherson because i am not bound by a faction to choose to play for , i chose to play for who i want to , doesnt matter if they are vs nc or tr .
And dont try to blame your ass beating on the fact that we brought other piltos in . You kids pulled like 20 to 30 mossies with lock ons , forming an giant air zerg which was no fun at all , getting owned by better pilots and you could have brought in anybody you want , wouldnt have made a difference.

You got beaten by the better players and now you try to cry about it. GG , way to be a competive player.
Here is how MLG is gonna be :
Teams will form up under one Name , a Faction BUT it wont be limited to join from other people of other factions. It would be stupid because as well as in proffesinal sports , there is a player "trading /swapping "between teams , doesnt matter what SOE says , MLG has the last word or there just wont be a competive PS2.
Mlg is not about feeling and "honor" MLG is about the best team fighting the best team , and if you dont like it , dont worry my sponsor " Uninstall wizard" will help you there.
Can you now grew some balls and enjoy your tomcats on your "1337" server? K thanks bai

@RCCC , get somebody on the Reachcast for air commentary , and get a thrid observer cam up for that.
You had 1 for the north side one for the south side , but just for air combats , and well you guys dont understand much from air ( no offense).
There was a situation when there was really good fight going on , but the cam was on 1 TR guy ghost capping a base , while planes blew up above them.

But just dont get MattiAce , kid is a bad pilot who only puts his easy wins on youtube , neither me cause i am rated IAMLASK for insane and most likely a serial killer.
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