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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

Surrendering to a team is not enough, they have to accept your surrender
That's good, my fear is assuaged.

(your energy bank score will remain the same after someone leaves your team as your team energy bank score is the team average and a leaving player just takes their fair share).
I'm a little confused about what this means. I understand that team energy for scoring purposes is team total energy divided by the number of players, but how does team energy work for spending purposes? I imagine that on the scoreboard while in a team, you would see the team's average energy, but when checking the energy supply you would just see the total? Otherwise, if you saw the average energy in your energy supply, essentially showing how much energy there is for each player, whenever you spent it it would have to recalculate the average, and working out how much something will cost from your "individual" pool would be tedious.

As an example from the 'energy pool shows the team average' situation, say you're in a ten man team. Average energy pool is 500 and therefore the team has 5000 in the stockpile. If you died and respawned costing 100 energy then I imagine most players would expect 100 energy to be deducted from the number they're being shown, but since that's an average they're actually deducting 100 from the 5000 stockpile, bringing it down to 4900 (assuming nobody else has spent some) and making the number shown to them 490.

Naturally I think that the energy stockpile shown on your hud should show the total and not the average.

It looks like we like a lot of the same games
Clearly we are both men of great taste :P Let's go for another then. Did you play Total Annihilation back in the day? That was the shit as far as RTS went.
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