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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

Naturally I think that the energy stockpile shown on your hud should show the total and not the average.
Your understanding of the energy system is correct . You could display the energy bank either as the team average (which is the same as the team score and how it should be displayed in the ranking list) or as a the team total. I see your point, so I'll experiment with displaying both along side your own onboard energy . I could also give you HUD display options so you can control how much detail and space is taken up by energy stats.

Clearly we are both men of great taste :P Let's go for another then. Did you play Total Annihilation back in the day? That was the shit as far as RTS went.
Hehehe so it seems I did play Total Annihilation, got into it late though I've played both the original and later Spring RTS. The streamlined resource system and the way energy worked does remind me of Hunternet now that you bring it up .

My younger brother was and is really into StarCraft. I've played more TA than SC, but the RTS that I have played the most is the Warlords Battlecry series. WBC3 had 16 races, 28 hero classes (up to level 100), and 13 spell schools (or about 130 spells), etc. It is to Warcraft III what TA is to SC. Much larger in scope and came out before Blizzard's more famous counterpart It has its problems though, not the most stable game or the most balanced . Eventually the community was given access to the code and I was able to contribute some stability patches.
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