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Re: I'm the dev of a new MMOFPS looking to start a conversation with PlanetSide vets

You are actually the second after me (those others were test accounts I deleted) Congrats and welcome to the new forums!

Also here is the new feature list to help entice more of you to join us:
  • Designed to beat the Indie Multiplayer Curse
  • Zero luck, 100% skill based, no leveling, everyone is on equal footing
  • Fifteen unique player abilities with minimum overlap, instead of many variations of the same thing
  • Fast and varied movement mechanics, separate from abilities
  • Challenging shooting, no hit scan, simulated projectiles with momentum, aiming requires leading your target
  • Larger single battles than any other MMOFPS with no view limits
  • Form and dissolve teams on the battlefield
  • Choose your approach, large teams are not guaranteed an advantage
  • Use stealth, team deception, and indirect abilities to outsmart your competition
  • AI mobs integrated into PvP for your strategic use
  • 150 avatars to choose from with plans for a Mii like creator
  • No graphic violence allows players of all ages to play together
  • Friendly fire demands caution, no spray and pray
  • One big party & no waiting, not isolated by matchmaking
  • Not a release and forget game, but a life long hobby
  • Not "free-to-play" and no subscriptions
  • Stable client & low system requirements for hassle free play
  • Many more surprises and features to be revealed
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