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Lol SCheat, never heard that one before. I completely agree with everything you said. What I meant by "Im not a big fan of attachments" I meant when a game has a lot of guns, attachments would really blur the distinctions too much.

The lack of inspiration and creativity in PS2 gun design really makes it so 5 guns per gun class is already too much, which is frankly quite sad. I would love to see more cool and functional optics, more underbarrels, more interesting ammo types, and less guns like the Terminus that no-one asked for.

Seriously, look at the Ursa. Yet another long range LMG for the VS, rather than a close quarters one, which VS only have one of at the moment. Plain stupid. How about a relatively original damage model like 143 damage down to 134 for long range guns? Why don't these exist!?

The Corvus, for example, can have normal full auto, lowered rate of fire full auto, 3-round burst, 2-round burst, and a charge up mode.

So many missed opportunities for cool stuff in PS2.
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