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Urban areas for each continent.

I know Planetside 2 is supposed to be known for it's large scale battlefields, but since the main goal of the gameplay is to capture specific locations, we have the advent of "Zergs" which cluster around the outpost, flooding the Cap point and the enemy spawn room until it turns over, and then instead of spreading out across the land, they just move straight to the next outpost and Cap point.

So. Why not make this clustered form of warfare more interesting, with the introduction of actual Urban Areas to fight within.

The concept is this. Each continent would get a Town or City, one to three per continent. It would differ, of course. Esamir being a very cold, tundra climate would only have one, smaller area, while a continent like Amerish could have up to three, being seemingly perfect for Human habitation. Each city would have a single "Command Center" in the central portion of the area, or "downtown", with smaller supporting outposts surrounding it. The Command Center outpost could be made up of an Air Tower with several capture points. Factions can only assault this tower when they have captured a surrounding outpost first. Now the general mechanics are the same, assault, capture, yay. But the layout and environment would make things interesting. Right now the continents are nothing but open spaces and the same old one to five building outposts dotting the landscape. These cities would add genuine urban warfare to the game, giving players a region on the continent that supplies streets for Armor columns to roll up, buildings for Infantry to take cover in, and rooftops for Light Assaults to jump across. ESF's would think twice about attacking ground forces as the buildings would force them into a narrow approach giving AA Infantry and Skyguard Lightnings better firing lanes to defend. Each outpost within the city would have numerous avenues of approach on the ground, which would spread the fighting throughout the whole area where Infantry and Tanks duke it out block by block. Capturing and holding the Central Tower outpost in the city would give the owning faction a decent cost reduction for their Infantry consumables. Or a boost to resource income.

Adds a whole new gameplay experience to players.
Gives a higher sense of importance to the continent.
Players would be drawn to the city, causing larger battles.
Gives more importance to the Infantry role.
Provides a more interesting/challenging Vehicle gameplay experience.
Could effectively become a second "The Crown".

Graphically demanding.
Would be a vehicle killing ground.
Would need to do massive terrain editing.
Would need to remove one or several pre-existing outposts.
Could effectively become a second "The Crown".

Personally, I just really want to drive my Vanguard down a city street.

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