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Re: Urban areas for each continent.

Con: is the exact same thing as "get to the spawn room and camp it asap", just with more cluttered building spam around it (street width determines eventual amount of tanks camping), particularly if the main spawn buildings are still crap. The area would be too large to hold of a zerg. Instead, it will make it far more easy for a zerg to reach the spawns unopposed, because you give them tons of lanes of approach which can't all be covered by the defending party (which will be outnumbered).

Besides. How is this any different from say a Tech Plant or AMP station and its surrounding buildings, walls and bases? Density of buildings? We've got those elsewhere.

Urban Warfare being a good addition is not only a myth (we already have plenty CoD style bases - which is what you're asking for and they don't work).

The only thing you can possibly use to fend of zergs is bunkers. Massive bunker bases with more and more funneled routes inside towards the objective and spawns.

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