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The ability to climb on to a max's back

OK guys I think they should make a max cert that let's 1 or 2 player ride on the max's back. they would not be able to use their main or secondary weapons, but enges could use the repair tool and maybe medics. Their heads would be maybe over the max's shoulders, and the piggy back players would not be able to turn around. I think it should work much like a flash were if you kill the max you kill the passenger but not vice verca and you should walk slower. I see the cert costing like 200-300 certs.

Now guys I'm not a game developer or game modder by any definition of the word, so I do not know if this would work or not. Ok now here's my think, don't you guys just hate it when your in you max you have enge sitting next to you keeping you repaired, the out of nowhere a enemy Mows him down then you stuck there being turned to swiss cheese without any chance of being repaired. well if you had your enge on your back you might be able to protect him or her better. Here's another example say your squads being held down at a choke point, you get a heavy assault on your back equip the cert that makes your max run really fast bolt right in there and go to town. Ok guy that all I got if you guy got something to add, to take away, be a grammar Nazi anything really just say so bye guys
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