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Re: Resource System Overhaul

While I like some parts of your suggestion, I think no redesign of the resource item should increase complexity of the game. Matching expectations from new players is important.
Each of your suggestion has a cost (added complexity) and some supposed benefits.

1) Multiple resource types per item adds complexity, but I am not sure of the benefits. Why would that make the game more fun to play?

2) I can go with that. I've always thought that the total amount of resources earned by each empire depended on the number of soldiers on a continent. The way it is now can contribute to imbalance, encouraging players to go to continents their faction is already dominating. If the amount of resources is no longer tied to the population, which your suggestion makes possible, this problem disappears.

3) I don't have any issues with that, but what would the benefits be?

4) OK.

5) OK, I like that (see point 2).

6) A problem with that is that the defending side may remain oblivious to the problem and its cause. Once you noticed there is something wrong with the resource flow, assuming people notice that at all, how do you find where the problem is to fix it?

7) I've heard that before, and I think it could make an interesting addition by adding mission types (escort, intercept).

8) No. They are clearly OP.

9) Your point 3) makes them kind of useless. Personally, I'd have outpost be the source of resources, and leave bases and their role as it currently is (provide abilities to the empire owning them).
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