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7) Resource transporters for resource management.

This would be something akin to the ANT from the original, just with resources instead of power. This would be an interesting addition and aspect to the game for those interested in the resource management side of things, without making it too necessary for those who don't.

I imagine this vehicle to be something like the original's ANT (heavily armoured but unarmed), obviously with certable upgrades. It would have capacity for a small amount of each resource, but have a cheap(ish) cert upgrade that allows the owner to specialise it in a single resource (and thus having a much larger capacity for that specific resource). You'd also be able to generally cert the crap out of it like you can other vehicles.

Just like the ANT, it would be able to pick up from a silo at any base and transport its load to new silos. This would be perfect for resupplying a base during heavy fighting without having to wait for the resupply tick (or resupplying Sunderers in the field), or taking the resources and fleeing with them before a base is lost. ..Or even stealing resources from an enemy base and making off with them.

This would also allow a faction with a small amount of territory (or none at all) to get resources, via siphoning off that which remains in their last territories and taking it back to the warpgate for safe keeping, or making a push (or more sneaky ops) to steal some from the faction that has a lot of resources via territory.

Stealing resources from an enemy silo, or resupplying one of your own would both give some nice XP rewards if successful.
I like this idea.

I'm not a fan of the current resource system because it feels so disjointed from the action. One moment I can pull a tank, the next I can only pull a ATV. Often I go to an area and only find out when I get to the terminal that my plan for something to do was ruined by lack of resources, and I don't seem to have any real involvement with it (buying boosts isn't my style, and they sound like they make a tiny difference anyway).

An ANT like resource system though would be very cool, it would be something that the more hardcore players could play with, while for the casual types that just log in to shoot something it would be something extra to shoot.

I'd like to see a system though where stuff just is there all the time to be picked up and taken to the front if the mines etc start to be useful.

On a slighly different note there is one oddball idea I wish they had done, when resources start to get low it would have been cool if instead of pulling a tank we get part of a tank, e.g. the bare frame with engine and maybe a turret with a simple gun and dune buggy like frame around it...

Maybe that would be too ambitious for people to understand what is happening (warning you can only have 60% of a tank due to resource constraints... or respawn constraints), but it could have some hilarious consequences!
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