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Just in case anyone thinks we "caved to pressure" about the Matrix don't know us very well yet, if that's the case.
We will NEVER "cave to pressure" on this game. We only implement ideas if WE think they're a good idea.
The Continental Lattice is going in because it solves many serious gameplay/gameflow issues at once. I recommend trying it a bit before passing judgement upon it.

Granted...we recognized the idea as interesting when we saw folks post it on the forums, but we were actively pursuing solutions to the "phantom hacker" issue, the need for defense incentives, and the complete non-clarity of our facility abilities. We combined all three solutions into the Continental Lattice because it's elegant, obvious to players, and does a lot of what we originally wanted in the game.

We have yet to see an exact description of the Lattice we implemented on anyone's web page. It will probably *look* familiar, but there are subtle differences that have a large impact.
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