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Re: New pic of TR Prowler

I don't know about you guys, but I love the new Prowler. It looks awesome and actually a bit practical if you think about it. Turret has been minimalized to have as low a profile as possible by having the guns mounted on the side of the turret instead of housing it within the turret. And by doing so, if we make some assumptions, this allows them to mount even more guns on the other side of the turret(when I saw the 12 barrels on that MAX minigun, 4 tank guns on a single Prowler wouldn't surprise me). I would assume if they did this, it would either be a AI, AA, AA attachment akin to the way a Vannie gunner could switch between it's big gun and it's machine gun, or another 2 tank cannons if they had a dedicated gunner.

If that is how it works, the Prowler would probably be the coolest tank in this game.
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