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I remember a novel by Tom Clancy where the Palestinians got "smart" and started to use Gandhi tactics. That would be pretty devastating for Israels moral position, but I don't see it happening.

On the other hand, the settlements are preventing Israel from being considered the good guy instead of the lesser evil. I don't see what they expect to gain from this, but I heard that internal politic battles in Israel are pretty vicious too.

So status quo forever, or at least until it all ends in mushroom clouds.
Yep. One thing it will not end with is mushroom clouds tough. The "world" is keeping Israel on a very short leash to make sure that no such weapons are in development and that Israel to not engage in wars against other countries.
Well as long there is no war, Israel the others will stay in this "bullshit state" for ever. Hostile Islamic countries will yell "ARGH ISRAEL DIE", Palestine will point a finger at bully-Israel in front of the UN and Israel will try to satisfy everyone but will fail horribly in each case.
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