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Originally Posted by SKYeXile View Post
Its called XVM, cant remmber where exactly i got it from, but it can be a pain to install since you need to connect to a proxy server to get the stats ingame like that.
Got it working. Thanks alot!

On the topic.
An overall rating does not give an accurate representation. Many will specialize on a few classes or vehicles.
So if you want to put an arbitrary rating in, make one for each class and vehicle.
Personally I dont see the point though. Just look at the stats and put 1 and 1 together.

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
Exile is right, k/d leaderboards promote camping; corrosive to an mmofps. Anyone can hide out and ensure they get a massive k/d ratio while making no impact on the fight. A far greater indicator was always k/time. Anyone who could consistently pull in 100 kills an hour in PS was not only playing well but also having a tangible effect on the battle field. That's the way a few of us were able to rack up 1000 kills in a day on
You are right. Kills/h says alot more then just K/D but anyone with a 100kills/h will inherently have a good K/D.
I dont feel that camping will be a big deal in PS2. The battles are too big for a couple of campers to have an impact and anyone with 2 working braincells can kill or go around them. If the entire empire camps they will lose and hopefully learn.


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