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Post Name the BFR Variants!

Do you have better names than the Aphelion, Peregrine and Colossus? Want your naming ideas displayed above BFRs for everyone to see? Well here's your chance! Sporkfire is looking for new names for the advanced BFRs (the gunner and flight variants):
Hey Folks,

We'd like to give names to the Advanced BFR's, beyond "Aphelion (Flight)" and would like to ask for your suggestions. Let's use this post to brainstorm some ideas for new names for them.

Let's go over some guidelines for the naming conventions of the different Empires. Use these to help think up names.

New Conglomerate: The NC have two naming conventions. They favor different types of birds, real and mythological as demonstrated by the Sparrow, Falcon and Phoenix. They also favor names that have reflect their warlike and rebellious nature, as we see with the Enforcer and the Vanguard.

Terran Republic: The TR favor menacing and aggressive names, such as the Prowler, Marauder and Raider. They can also be very simple and descriptive in their naming conventions, with weapons such as the Cycler or the Burster.

Vanu Sovereignty: The VS name their weaponry after cosmic phenomena, as with the Comet, Quasar and Aurora. They also like to use be descriptive with their unique weaponry or name it after the technology behind it, as in the case of the Lasher and the Magrider.

So let's hear what you come up with. Remember that we need names for all three Empires' Flight and Gunner variants. We will be picking our favorites and also paying attention to those that the community likes best.
Add your suggestions here!
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