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Re: Outfit certifications + Vehicle variants/sidegrades

Interesting ideas. Correct me if I'm wrong but what I think you're saying is that the outfit will unlock a special certification for vehicles AND the player has to unlock that certification as well? I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially considering that certs can't be uncerted to get the points back (maybe you could make an except for these specifically). An alternative to this would be having the outfit unlock a special cert for, say, the lightning, and if you have the lightning (and maybe if you've certed into it enough? like 10 or 15 or whatever) you will be able to have that cert so long as your outfit keeps it and so long as you're in that outfit.

Just off the top of my head here, I think I kinda like the idea of outfits having limited cert points in relation to the available outfit certs. Kinda like the old BR/cert system in PS1 -- you could never fully cert yourself out, but you could change it around. That way the outfits will be balanced in their own way by the token that no outfit could ever cert into everything.

So yeah, onto the specifics of what you've mentioned so far.

For the galaxy the whole gunship thing has been talked about a lot and it will probably ship as player-certed stuff. I could see an outfit cert (or player cert) being that the gal will not only have a respawn capability (like the old AMS) but have an AOE healing ability, or armor repair.

I like the lib ideas, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about certing it to be an air-to-air fighter; reavers/scythes/mosquitos already fit that role. You could also add radar cloaking (like modern stealth planes; B2's, F117's, F22's/35's etc...) for reduced armor.

Tanks: I like your ideas here, nothing really to add at this point.

On the sunderer I'm not sure adding more seats in lieu of the spawning (if it will be an option) will really be a viable ability -- sunderers already have a capacity of 12, but I could see making a MAX variant that maybe has 4 infantry slots (driver, 1 passenger/assistant driver, 2 gunners) and 4 MAX slots. On the same token as the gal options I listed above you could have those for the sundy as well, which basically will turn it into the old AMS (maybe even a cloaking option).
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