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Re: Outfit certifications + Vehicle variants/sidegrades

Originally Posted by Saifoda View Post
Whoa now slow down there killer. Now we'd all like our classes to be "the best." MAX guys want faster ROF and tighter groups. Tankers want more armor and bigger guns. And, as I live and breathe, fly boys want increased acceleration, tighter turning, better rockets, smaller profiles, higher flight ceilings, and faster top speeds.

Check yourself here my good sir. This is not a flyer game. This is not world of tanks. This isn't even a first person shooter (....ok it kind of is, but no more so than it is any other type). The various aspects of the gameplay here all need to be balanced together to make it a better experience for everybody. This means the flyers will be able to decently target ground vehicles and other flyers, and there'll be plenty of options for maximizing effectiveness at both. But remember, when it comes to stats and skill, the name of the game is balance. Just look at how PS1 ended up with the BFRs and mosquitoes.

Gamespy thinks it's a shooter!

Agree with your post otherwise
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