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The 12mm cannon:

On the cannon what I'm testing right now is a fast-firing 12mm cannon:
- Damage is about 10% higher vs aircraft than normal
- Damage vs infantry is 65% less, strictly to avoid instagib farming
- Cannon fires 3x as fast as normal mosquito nosegun (same RoF as
- But it only has a 25 round clip, which it unloads in 1.25s, with 2.5s
to reload.
- Default loadout is two boxes of six A2A missiles, and two boxes of 125
exploding 12mm rounds.

So far, it's been a lot of fun to shoot with. Because the clip is so
small, it requires greater accuracy than the mosquito, but it can really
tear shit up --a full clip will destroy a mosquito. It sounds
overpowered (and it might be) but we'll tweak it after testing. If
nothing else it definitely feels different than the skeeter, seems to
require more skill.

Currently testing the "tactical afterburner", too, as described earlier.
Wasp armor is currently 515, where the Mosquito has 665. That might be
too gimpy, we'll find out during testing. (Reaver guns can tear it up
very quickly, and Wasps are especially deadly when used against each

Oddly, the Wasp might actually be worse at taking down liberators and
galaxies than skeeters and reavers, because those craft can sustain fire
for a long time, while the Wasp has frequent reloads. Wasp should be
best at dogfighting, though, if the pilot is accurate with the gun and
good at maintaining missile lock.
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