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Some more Wasp info to help clear a few things up:

How many AA Rockets does it take to kill a...

* Wasp? 2
* Mosquito? 3
* Reaver? 3
* Liberator? 9
* Galaxy? 17
* Note: Both the Mosquito and Reaver have faster TTKs against Air Support

How much punishment can the Wasp Minigun deal?

* It will kill an Agile very quickly. So a bailing pilot is no problem
* It can't kill a ReXo even if it unloads a full clip with 100% accuracy.
* It can kill a Wasp in a single clip! Hovering = BAD
* It cannot kill a Mosquito in a single clip.
* It cannot kill a Reaver in a single clip.
* Note #1: Both the Mosquito and Reaver have a faster TTK against Air Support than a Wasp Minigun
* Note #2: Against a Wasp ONLY fighting with the Minigun both the Mosquito and Reaver have a higher TTK.
* Note #3: The Wasp Minigun is designed to quickly finish off a wounded aircraft and or to quickly take care of a pilot that bails. So the design is to hit the target with 1 or more AA rockets and then move in for the aircraft kill or pilot bail mop up job.

How effective will AV weapons be against the Wasp?

* Decimator kills with only 2 hits
* Phoenix kills with only 2 hits
* Lancer kills with 5 hits. This is less than 1 clip.
* Striker kills with 1 clip (5 shots).
* Note #1: Against a ReXo with any AV weapon the Grunt has the higher TTK against a Wasp.

When will we be able to test this out on the test server?

* We will try to have this ready for weekend testing. However, the Markov live server issue is the priority.

When will we have another public playtest to try this out?

* Our current play is to have this ready for a test on Monday or Tuesday.

Is it not silly to have bullets that don't do much damage to infantry? How is that possible or even logical?

* As with most things is a game, the design is geared to gameplay and not "reality". This same logic has been applied to other areas and is why a Grunt can survive a Decimator to the face. We did not want an instagib rocket launcher. With the Wasp we do not want a vehicle that can easily farm infantry.
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