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HomeLAN FED has up 2 new PS Q&A's. One with Dave Georgeson, and the other with Mike Chubb who is working on special effects. Here is a snippet of Dave's:

HomeLAN - Cheating sometimes runs rampant on other first person shooter titles. How will Sony Online deal with cheaters and hackers in the game?
Dave Georgeson - We're pretty merciless this time around. We've spent quite a bit of time on security for the game, but we also have a Watchdog system that will be actively watching/listening to random people's gameplay at random times during the day. We'll also have a 24-hour Alert system where we can focus Watchdog on suspected cheaters and watch them 24/7. It's amazing how little you can get away with once the system is actively watching you. And if we catch you cheating, you're banned. No warnings. Just permanently expelled from the game. Not your character...your entire account. So don't do it.
Good to see some talk about the anti-cheat measures they are taking. Click here to read Dave's QA and here to read Mike's.

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