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Re: Two Questions of "Day and Night"

hmmmmmmmm......"Slick" nightime tracer illumination. Let's go. Threads like this one just make me THAT much MORE anxious.

The guys are right....c'mon HIGBY.... SMEDLEY ...... start breakin' out more screen shots.

We have no choice but to put our trust, faith, and hope behind HIGBY/SOE....because they have the helm. I'm a pessimist by trade, but I still see PLENTY to be optimistic about this games roll-out. These guys are HERE (from time-to-time) reading the posts, talking with Hamma,.....HOW CAN THAT NOT BODE WELL FOR HOW THIS GAME TURNS OUT ?

These guys are NOT out-of-touch ivory tower types. They claim to LOVE this game. I take them at their word. The fact they come on this site really really ENCOURAGES me.

(we KNOW you're playin this game ALREADY...give us a little fix....we're ALL Jones'n for MORE.

I'm so GEEKED on where these cats may be taking this game......I'm seeing GIANT SPACE my sleep !

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